Kid’s Table

Event Details

Every Saturday
10am – 11.30am
11.30am – 1pm
1pm – 2.30pm
1.30pm – 3.00pm

The Kids’ Table at Stanmer

The Kids’ Table is a new service that entertains your kids while you have a relaxing meal. Between 10am and 3pm every Saturday you can kick back at the House, savour your food and have an adult conversation.

Meanwhile, the kids might be making friendship bracelets, drawing, building with Legos, doing puzzles or having their face painted—themes change from week to week. Fresh fruit breakfast buffet served 10-12, healthy buffet lunch served from 12-3.

Parents wishing their children to take part in our activities must stay on the premises and within easy reach of our staff members. The Kids’ Table is not a crèche/nursery or childminder service.


When dining out with the family, do you find yourself eating faster, so you can escape the restaurant before the kids lose interest/start running around/completely melt down? Think a leisurely meal is a thing of the pre-kid past, or only happens when the grandparents can come babysit? The Kids’ Table is trying to change all this.

For enquiries about this event, please call 01273 680400 or email as at