Phantasmagoria Halloween Mansion Party


Bottomless Prosecco | Immersive experiences | 2 Dance floors | Bus transfer after party

Halloween, Saturday 26th October 2018

Phantasmagoria was a Victorian show of using early methods of projection to scare the audience. By using lights and mirrors they were able to trick the audience in thinking ghosts were really there, the audience often ran out of the venue screaming. Phantasmagoria at Stanmer brings this idea into the 21st Century by using modern methods of projection to create ghosts with a narrative for the audience to follow between rooms. This will make a unique immersive experience for the public to enjoy and create opportunities for the local artistic community.

This event includes DJ’s downstairs to make it a full Halloween night time event. Artists will create installations through projection or light to make ghosts come alive in the space, along with working with actors and dancers to create a different experience in each room. We will run tours with small numbers of up to 40 people per tour, there will be areas for one to one experiences where people will be taken away from the group to experience a mixture of intimate performances and Virtual Reality.

You must be 18 years + to attend this event. Tickets are non-refundable. Please do not bring large bags to the venue. All guests will be searched on arrival. R.O.A.R.

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